In Memory of
Raymond Paul Routhier

Ray Routhier came to Bellavance in 1990 when he transitioned from farming to trucking. Ray dedicated 30 years to this industry and particularly to hiring and forming relationships with our drivers. Ray not only wanted Bellavance to succeed, but he wanted our drivers to succeed. He spent uncountable hours on the phone with potential hires, with current drivers and even made time to know most of our “trucking family” both professionally and personally. 

This school is dedicated to Ray. 

Our goal is to hire and coach folks that have always dreamed of having their Class A but maybe haven’t had the funds available; once these drivers are seasoned, they should be guaranteeing themselves a career and financial security because there is a high need for drivers, after all, they keep American running. Let’s live life the way Ray did:  take a chance, make things happen, strive to be a person of integrity, and don’t forget to smile and laugh as we all travel down this crazy road called life.