RPR Driving School

We are not currently accepting applicants for the RPR Driving School.
This notification will be removed when seats are available for additional students.

A Driving School Like No Other

How? You Ask

  1. You will be paid while in training.
  2. You will graduate RPR and have a job with Bellavance that must last a minimum of 2 years.

At RPR You Won't Just Get Your Class A

You will be part of an A-Z program that encompasses a detailed curriculum with both classroom hours, range hours, financial wellness, healthy choices while on the road, and being a graduate of RPR earns you a Bellavance jacket.  Once you become a Bellavance Driver, you will be teamed up with a mentor who will assist in making you confident, comfortable and eventually we hope you can pay it forward and provide guidance to a future student. 

Formal training is one of the most reliable ways to learn the many special skills required for an entry-level tractor-trailer driver. The more skills learned in supervised training, the fewer that must be mastered on the job. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA), as well as the State of Vermont, have provided information that has afforded CDL training schools a guide to meet the minimum standards against which the quality of training courses can be measured. It is with these standards in mind that RPR Driving School has developed this curriculum.

Living Out This Mission

  1. Break down the industry barrier of entry by:
    • Removing the financial burden of tuition as well as paying trainees during their instruction.
  2. Educate candidates about the potential earnings and benefits of being an OTR driver.
  3. Select candidates that exhibit the qualities of Raymond Routhier and coach them so that they are:
    • Professional
    • Dedicated
    • Company minded
  4. Take these trainees from “greenhorns” to experienced OTR drivers.